Industrial Series

Automatic greasing system - Industrial Series


Generally used in factories or manufacturing plants.




Maximal performance and flexibility.


The ALLFETT lubrication system protects your equipment; it insures a continuous greasing to the points at regular intervals. Shortage of grease, heavy loads, dust and water prematurely wears out your moving parts of the machine.  



It is a versatile system thus very easily personalized. 

Because of their size and grease flow capacity, industrial pumps are generally used in factories or manufacturing plants. They can supply grease to stations that are at an impressive distance without loosing their flow capacity and working pressure.



The system is adapted to all environment

Construction & Demolition / Forestry / Port / Snow Removal / Paving / Mining & Aggregate / Agriculture / Environment / Government & Municipal





The ALLFETT systems can be installed on all types of machines;


Conveyor, pre-mixer, jaw crusher, mobile screen, drill, pedestal boom, 

Moulin à bois, chaîne de montage, machine à injection,

Plant, press, shredder, trommel,



or any other equipment that requires regular lubrication!



Industrial Series


Used in factories or manufacturing plants (high amount of grease)

ALL-25 system (25L)

ALL-300 system (50L)


Custom calibration


Each system is Pre-Calibrated in order to distribute the ideal grease to each point. Each machine has their customized calibration in order to meet the lubrication chart. The system is adapted to all types of machines.

Principal function


The principal function is very simple: An electric drive permits the rotation of a cam which activates one or many pumping elements (piston). The grease is then directed with high pressure towards the distribution blocs which are calibrated to distribute the proper amount of grease to each point.


The progressive distribution valve function is to distribute grease to the other valves and points of lubrication. In each section, there is a valve that is used to start the lubricant. This is successively pushed to one side to another by the lubricant in a manner to which starts progressively towards the exits, one after another.

The amount of lubrication supplied by the pump is divided in the progressive valve and distributed to the lubrication points depending on the value of the section which supplies it. The amount delivered (cc) and the duration of the cycle from the pump determines the total amount sent to the lubrication points.





Grease is the key element to your lubrication system.

The choice of grease type is particularly important for the proper function of the system and will have direct impact on its efficiency.




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