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Merger of Alltech Group and Allfett Solutions.


The two teams combine their know-how to unify and to better serve their clients’ needs! The experience of Allfett Solutions as a distributor installer complements the manufacturing agent expertise of Alltech Group.



Since October 1, Allfett Solutions and The Alltech Group have merged their activities to become one company.


Note that this new company now operates under both names.


Allfett Solutions retains its activities for the greater Montreal area

The Allech Group manages the distribution network and customers outside Montreal. clients extérieurs à Montréal.




Accurate and reliable, Sentinel 2.0 helps and assists the operator to maneuver the lifting of the dumper.


The system warns the operator of a potential hazard height, overturning or twisting of the bucket.

It informs the operator of the degree and height of the bucket


The system includes:

  • 4 inches high quality screen
  • 2 high precision 2-axis inclinometer sensors
  • 80DB horn
  • Flashing LED and red lens (64 pulse / min.)
  • Wireless communication module


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