Merger of Alltech Group and Allfett Solutions.


The two teams combine their know-how to unify and to better serve their clients’ needs! The experience of Allfett Solutions as a distributor installer complements the manufacturing agent expertise of Alltech Group.



Since October 1st  2019, Allfett Solutions and The Alltech Group have merged their activities to become one company.


Note that this new company now operates under Alltech Group only.



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Bakcup camera - Design for heavy equipment


A camera decreases the blind spots, thus reducing the risk of serious accidents.



Accidents caused by heavy vehicles with limited vision represent major unexpected expenses. A camera system will inevitably reduce these costs.


Why choose the Blaxtairview camera?


The Blaxtairview camera is designed specifically for heavy equipment;

  • Robuste and reliable,
    • Certified IP 69K (resist to high pressured water washing and to temperatures from -40 to +70°C),
    • Suitable for the harshest environment
    • The camera and connectors are completely waterproof
    • The camera chassis is made of anodized stainless steel
  • high definition color imag (640 x 480) 
  • IR-CUT technology,
    • the cameras operate in the dark. It automatically switches to infrared when the brightness is too low.
  • 130 ° field of view
    • Maximize your vision and security on the work site by installing an industrial camera:


Attention, the security cameras are tools to help the trucker be more vigilant. . The obligation to install cameras may not prevent all accidents but can certainly help to prevent many.


Maximize your vision and security on the work site by installing an industrial camera:



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